Auto Glass Chicago

Auto Glass Chicago

In addition to auto parts for nearly every make and model of automobile out there, Aero Auto Parts also offers auto glass services in the Chicagoland Area. If you find a crack or a chip in your windshield or car window, it’s crucial that you get it repaired right away. The longer you wait to address this problem, the higher the risk of the problem getting bigger. Small chips and cracks can be repaired, but if it gets too big, it will need to be replaced altogether.


Small fractures in auto glass can be repaired using the proper equipment. Our highly-trained staff has the ability to repair your auto glass chips and cracks. Getting the job done quickly is priority number one. Small chips or cracks become large problems quickly. These blemishes compromise the integrity of the auto glass, making it susceptible to more damage. If you wait to get this repaired, a rock flinging up and hitting the windshield, or a even a change in temperature can cause the auto glass to crack even further. Before you know it, you’ll be looking at a full replacement.


If your auto glass is broken beyond repair, we can replace the entire window or windshield. Breaks that will require replacements include windows or windshields that are shattered, have entire shards missing, chips that exceed about the size of a quarter, or cracks that exceed about three inches. This can happen from the initial impact that caused the damage to the auto glass, or it can happen from smaller imperfections that have expanded over time. We will get you back on the road as soon as possible with our speedy auto glass replacement.

Mobile Service

Need auto glass repair or replacement in Chicago, but can’t make it to our shop? Don’t worry! Aero Auto Parts offers mobile services to our customers. Wherever you are in the Chicagoland area, we will come to you and help either repair or replace your auto glass on the spot. If you get a small chip or crack in your windshield, and don’t want to risk making it worse by driving, or if you just don’t have the time to bring your car to us for whatever reason, don’t stress!

Aero Auto Parts

Don’t let that small chip or crack in your auto glass become a big problem. Call Aero Auto Parts sooner rather than later to see how we can help!