Can I Sell My Car For Parts?

Posted on November 25th, 2019 by Frank

If you are the owner of an old, non-running, or running vehicle, you can choose to sell it either as a junk car to a scrap yard or to “part it out” and sell each component privately. The first option is simple, efficient, and requires nothing more than a phone call to the scrapyard to pick up your junk cars in Chicago. The second option requires work to remove the part, time to list the parts, and then all the hassle of dealing with people asking questions, coming to see the parts, haggling over prices, and trying to coordinate the entire process.

What to Consider

While you may earn slightly more money by parting out junk cars in Chicago and selling each component, there are always issues to consider. There will be some parts that will not sell, and you will also have to get rid of the frame and chassis at some point.

Factoring in your time with having to deal with buyers for all the parts and their questions, the slightly higher amount you earn is not really worth it unless you have an extremely rare or hard to find vehicle.

The Better Option

At Aero Auto Parts, we pay fair prices for junk cars in Chicago. Our representative arrives at your location, provides a price for the vehicle, and they pay you cash on the spot. We also arrange towing of the vehicle or vehicles at no cost to you, eliminating any stress and issues with the process. If you are interested in selling junk cars for parts, call us at 773-645-9586.