Can Junk Cars Be Turned Into Cash?

Posted on June 4th, 2015 by Frank

If you have a junk car, it could be worth more than you think! You’re probably thinking that it’s called junk for a reason, what value does it have? There’s too many problems to fix, it’s just not worth anything or what if my junk car won’t even start? Ever heard the saying one man’s trash is another man’s treasure? We will pay cash for your junk car, no matter what shape it’s in!

The Value of Scrap Metal

That scrap vehicle is nearly worth its weight in scrap metal even if only sold for recycling. In addition to scrap, many of the parts on any auto that is no longer running could still be in a usable condition – anything from radiators to window winders to starter motors, etc. These are great alternatives to paying dealer prices for brand new auto parts; especially if you don’t mind an older condition. Maybe some of these parts will require a degree of refurbishment, but that is normally quite cheap and easy to arrange for many of them. Total up the potential earnings from the scrap and the resale of used parts and it can make economic sense for a dealer to come to you and take away your junk car and leave you with cash.

Vintage Value

At the other end of the scale, if there used to be something special about your old wreck; its value could shoot up. If it is old enough to be considered vintage or if it is an example of a make and model where not many were manufactured, its value could easily be higher than the sum of its parts. Where such vehicles have survived, they are more than likely to be now considered as collectables that are much sought after. Since such automobiles can be sold either for restoration or, as a source of parts for others, their value, when “discovered” as junk, can be high.

Yes, They Can bring In Money

Clear a space in your driveway and get rid of your junker. Call 773-483-2626 today to schedule your hassle-free, same day pickup. And if that weren’t enough, get cash on the spot!