Can You Make Money Scrapping Cars?

Posted on November 25th, 2019 by Frank

Old, running, partially repaired, or broken down vehicles in the yard, driveway, and garage can make a nice home look uncared for cluttered. There is a way to get cash for junk cars in Chicago that is simple, easy, and requires just a phone call by the vehicle owners. This process, known as scrapping cars, allows us to remove the old vehicles off of your property and even pay you cash on the spot for the value of their parts.

How to Add Value

For those who want to earn cash for junk cars in Chicago, there are a few ways to make the process very simple and easy. These include:

  • Have the title to the vehicle. We do not purchase vehicles without the title
  • Clean out your vehicle, so no personal or valuable items are left behind when we tow the car or truck.
  • Take out components of value such as stereo systems, GPS systems, customized interior parts and components, and even new tires. These can all be sold separately for additional cash.

Keep in mind: we pay cash for junk cars in Chicago that are running as well as those that are not running.

Talk to the Team at Aero Auto Parts

If you have any questions about selling your junk cars for parts, give our team a call at Aero Auto Parts today. We can provide information on the process and schedule a time to pick up the cars, pay you cash and tow them off of your property