Junk Cars Fun Facts

Posted on February 28th, 2019 by Frank

It is not uncommon to see junk cars on people’s property, rusting and deteriorating from the weather in plain sight. While many people probably think getting rid of their junk car is more trouble than it’s worth, they’re actually wrong. Aero Auto Parts can come to you to pick up your Chicago junk cars, free of charge. In fact, they’ll even pay you. If this is your first encounter with junk cars and car recycling, we have a few fun facts for you.

Cars Are the Most Recycled Item in the U.S.

That’s right, at twelve million recycled vehicles per year, cars come in first as the most repurposed item in the United States. While this may come as a surprise, the number is still rising.

Auto Recycling is an Industry to Be Reckoned With

The car recycling industry is the sixteenth largest industry in the United States. It generates around $25 billion per year in revenue and provides work and income to approximately 100,000 people.

Junk Car Recycling is Not New

Contrary to popular belief, automobile recycling is not a new fad. The first junk car was recycled in 1943, making the industry over seventy-five years old. Who would have thought?

Instead of letting your unused junk car clutter up your yard, let us take it off your hands. It doesn’t even have to start! Aero Auto Parts pays for Chicago junk cars in cash and removes them the same day. Contact us today for more information.