Do you need any paperwork to scrap a car?

Posted on January 29th, 2020 by Frank

Necessary Paperwork to Scrap Your Junk Car

In order to scrap a junk car in Chicago you must have the title in hand when you reach out to a buyer, whether that buyer is a scrap yard or a used car lot. The title must be in your name to verify ownership and provide proof of purchase. Otherwise, scrapping your vehicle can be very tricky. If you have misplaced the title, you need to file for a lost title with the state of Illinois. This process can take some time so it is important to find out where your title is before contacting a buyer, such as Aero Auto Parts.

Aero Auto Parts buys and sells used auto parts as well as used vehicles in Chicago. This includes junk cars. Getting cash for junk cars is fairly simple, especially when you sell to us. At Aero Auto Parts we will inspect your car ourselves, and we always offer fair cash value. We can come to you and provide a free estimate, and free towing service as well, or you can bring your car to us and allow our knowledgeable representatives to take a look at it on site.

If you are looking to sell your junk car in Chicago, you must have the title in hand. Titles are required even when you are simply scrapping a big hunk of metal that used to run like a car. If you are ready to receive cash for your junk car, contact Aero Auto Parts today at 773-483-2626.