Does Anyone Buy Car Parts?

Posted on December 17th, 2019 by Frank

Junk cars in Chicago are fairly common, and often when someone has to junk their vehicle or decides to sell it, they rarely consider the notion of selling only the parts of the car which are still in good working order. However, selling parts can bring in more money than selling the whole car if the vehicle is very old, very run down, rusted, or simply just ready for the junkyard.

Many places will buy car parts, including individuals, various websites, used car lots, and likely some mechanics in your area. However, used car lots and auto parts stores are usually the best places to sell your car parts to; the dilemma is finding a reliable company that will give you a fair price for said parts.

Aero Auto Parts puts every part they buy through a rigorous inspection process by our trained professionals to ensure reliability. We make certain the parts we buy to sell to our valued customers are always worth our money and your time.

Selling car parts to an individual does not usually get you what the parts are worth, even if they are in good condition. Selling auto parts to any online site is tiresome and often requires more work than bringing parts into a brick and mortar store, and mechanics are an unreliable source for buying and selling auto parts.

If you are in the market to purchase or sell auto parts, come into Aero Auto Parts today. We can turn your money-pit of a junk car into a sizable payday. We will make sure every part is in working order, suitable to sell, and that you receive a fair price for your items. Call Aero Auto Parts today at 773-483-2626.