How Can I Get Rid Of My Old Car?

Posted on November 8th, 2019 by Frank

Having junk cars in your driveway, garage, or on your property takes up a lot of valuable space. In addition, they may be creating an eyesore and even potentially causing problems with neighbors or even with the local bylaw enforcement agency. If this is the case, calling in a scrap yard that provides cash for junk cars in Chicago is an ideal solution to the problem.

What to Know Before Calling

There are just a few steps before calling the junkyard and getting cash for junk cars in Chicago. These steps are simple, easy, and will just take a few minutes of your time.

  • Have the title available before you hand your car off. It is essential to have the title, and if it is lost or misplaced, you will need to apply for a replacement title.
  • If you have the vehicle insured, you will need to remove the license plates and contact your insurance company to cancel the policy.
  • Take out all of your personal possessions or items stored in the vehicle. This includes checking the seats, under floor mats, in the glove box, and in the trunk or cargo space.

If you have customized or valuable add-ons in the car, remove them as they do not add to the amount of cash for junk cars in Chicago, but you can sell them or put them in other vehicles.

Contact Aero Auto Parts

Once you have this completed, call Aero Auto Parts at 773-645-9586. We will send a representative to evaluate the vehicle’s price, pay you on the spotnd, a have the vehicle towed at no cost to you.