Keeping Your Vehicle’s Glass Clean

Posted on June 14th, 2019 by Frank

With the right products and techniques, cleaning your vehicle’s glass is a seamless process that will have your car’s windshield and windows looking new and shiny. Aero Auto Parts can help your auto glass in Chicago stay clean with these tips.

Use The Correct Glass Cleaner

Try to avoid ammonia when cleaning your glass because even though it’s a great grease cutter, you don’t want to have those fumes inside your vehicle because it is dangerous to inhale. Additionally, you should avoid household cleaning products and stick with something specifically meant for cars.

Make Sure You Clean Your Wipers

Having clean windshield wipers ensures that your windshield will stay clean, and you will get more life out of each wiper blade set. Use washer fluid additives to give your car’s washer fluid a boost and to protect your windshield. Preventative maintenance helps take away the frustration of cleaning your windshields in the future.

Eliminate Water Spots

Use polish to remove water spots and cloudiness, eventually giving yourself more clarity as you drive the car through any weather. Apply the polish by hand or with a polisher, but make sure the polisher is on low speed and use a polisher pad. You can also use window sealant with rain repellent, keeping water repelled more efficiently and making your glass clean moving forward.

If your auto glass in Chicago needs more than just a cleaning, call Aero Auto Parts today at 773-483-2626 to schedule your mobile windshield repair. We offer a 1 year workmanship warranty and can help replace windshields and windows.