What Car Parts Sell The Most?

Posted on December 25th, 2019 by Frank

When you choose Aero Auto Parts, we can help you determine which of your car parts are the parts that sell often. It’s important to know what your car is valued at to make sure you are getting your money’s worth, even if it is a junk car in Chicago. Continue reading to see some of the popular sold car parts.


Your wheels, no matter their status, can actually sell for a good amount of money. A junker such as Aero Auto Parts might need the wheels for a specific project and will buy them from you.


Electronic devices that are installed in your car can be taken out and repurposed. GPS systems are valuable as they can be placed in a car that didn’t originally have the smart-technology option.

Battery Accessories

The battery is what allows your car to function, so it’s no surprise that battery accessories are in high demand. Charges and jump batteries are among the more popular items that are sold when it comes to car parts.


This can fall under the same category as fenders, as they serve a practical purpose—protecting your wheels and under your car from damage should you ever hit something unexpectedly. If your car is a junk car in Chicago with a salvageable bumper, it’s possible Aero Auto Parts will have a use for it.

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