What Do You Do With An Old Car That Doesn’t Run?

Posted on December 25th, 2019 by Frank

Having a car that doesn’t run sit in your driveway or on your lawn can turn into a massive eyesore. It can add clutter to your space and have you procrastinating a solution. If your car is no longer running, it may be considered a junk car in Chicago. Continue reading to discover what your options are with an old car that no longer functions and how Aero Auto Parts is here to help you.

Salvage For Working Parts

Sometimes, your vehicle may no longer run, but some of the parts are still functional. In this case, you can consider removing what works and selling those parts for whatever you can. If you want to junk your car, consider removing the parts of your car that you can keep for yourself, such as a stereo or newer tires.

If you are unsure how to salvage the parts, Aero Auto Parts can help you dismantle the valuables and make sure you don’t break anything in the process. You can claim the “good” parts of your car before you hand it over to us.

Contact A Junkyard

Our services include removing a junk car in Chicago from your property, allowing you to declutter your yard or driveway. When we have a professional take a look at and value your car, we are able to give you cash for it on the spot. We even offer same-day towing to help remove the vehicle as soon as possible.