What Qualifies as a Junk Car?

Posted on October 1st, 2019 by Frank

Junk Cars Chicago

Junk cars are also called “salvage cars”. They are those vehicles that are so old or that are damaged badly enough that selling the car for its parts and using that money for a different vehicle would be more lucrative than spending money on repairs for the vehicle. Below are three of the things that may be wrong with your car that could qualify it as a junk or salvage vehicle.


If you have an old car with transmission problems, you could be looking at a big repair or replacement ticket. It might be worth it to your pocketbook to salvage that old junk car for auto parts and put that money towards a better vehicle.


The most commonly reported car problems often deal with the engine. A number of things can go wrong with the motor, especially for older vehicles. You could be looking at costs of up to $4,000 depending on the engine in question. If your car is a beater, it may be worth it to you to get cash for the parts and consider a new one.

Head Gasket

Engine head gaskets stops coolant and oil from leaking out. When the gasket is blown, it can make the engine overheat or coolant to leak. If this happens, you’re probably going to be paying a pretty penny for repairs—well above $1,000 in many cases. If your car is experiencing issues time and time again, this might be the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

Cash for Junk Cars

As some of the most expensive fixes for your vehicle, these might signal a time when it would make financial sense to sell your junk car for parts. It couldn’t be easier to sell your salvage vehicle for parts. Call Aero Auto Parts today and we will even come to your car’s location and pick it up at no cost to you!