When Should I Junk My Car?

Posted on December 17th, 2019 by Frank

To Junk or Not to Junk

In a big city like Chicago, it is common to see junk cars being driven around all the time. There is a reason people hold onto cars for as long as they can, which is sometimes longer than they should. It is not always financially smart to invest in a new vehicle or a new used vehicle at any given time, and even if it is, giving up your car can be hard.

Before junking any vehicle, whether you hold sentimental attachment to it or not, there are several things you can look for which will indicate it is wiser to junk your car rather than keep it.

  1. If your car has needed repairs that add up to more than the original cost of the car, or close to the cost of a new car

  2. If your vehicle has a much lower safety rating than newer cars

  3. Your check engine light is always on

  4. You plan on starting a family or have young children and not everyone can fit safely in your current vehicle

  5. Rust is slowly overtaking the whole of your vehicle, most distinctly the undercarriage

  6. The car does not feel safe to drive, due to age, unaddressed complications, damaged air bags, etc.

  7. It has been listed to sell online or in the newspaper for some time, and you have not managed to find a buyer

If any of the things on this checklist sound familiar to you, it might be time to think seriously about saying goodbye to your ride. If you have a Chicago junk car, you might blend in, but you may not feel very safe or be planning smartly for your future. Contact Aero Auto Parts today and we will do an assessment to find out whether or not your used car is worth keeping, or junking.