We Buy Junk Cars for Cash in Chicago

Tired of putting new parts into an old car just to have something else go out?

Stop worrying every time you turn the ignition that this might be the last time your junk car will run before leaving you stranded. Bring it down to Aero Auto Parts for cash on the spot!

Keep it stress free.

Whether your car runs or not, we want it. If the engine’s crapped out, the transmission’s fallen apart, or the problems are still a mystery, call today and schedule your car pickup for the same day.

What Are Junk Cars?

While most consider a car that doesn’t run anymore a junk car, in theory, any car that has little to no value is considered to be a “junk car.” If you bring in your vehicle to Aero Auto Parts, and we determine the parts, and the repair cost would add up to a sum that would not be wise to invest in your current car, that car can be labeled as a junk car.

Cash for Your Junk Car

You are probably wondering, if the car is no good, why would we buy it from you? The reason is simple; we will use your car for parts. Our mechanics will carefully inspect a junk vehicle and extract good parts that are then offered for sale to our customers for discounted rates. It is a win-win situation. You get cash for a car you no longer want, and another customer gets working parts for a fraction of the cost.

Why Sell Us Your vehicle?

Aero Auto Parts pays top dollar for a car you can no longer use. We will honestly inspect your vehicle and offer you more cash than any other junk car company in the Chicago area. Regardless of whether your car runs, we will pay you cash on the spot and haul the car away for you. All you need is a title that establishes you as the owner of the car. We will come and take care of the rest!

Junk Car Chicago

Highest prices paid in Chicago for your junk car:

  • Same day car pickup
  • Cash on the spot
  • Running or not

Remember, your vehicle title is required for all sales.

Have an old car that’s more hassle than you think it’s worth? Call 773-483-2626 today to schedule your hassle-free, same day pickup. And if that weren’t enough, get cash on the spot!