Chicago, IL Junk Car Salvage

We all know that buying in bulk, whether it’s household items like batteries or toilet paper, or groceries like canned food or dried pasta, and everything in between, can save a ton of time and money. After all, why would you buy just one pack of batteries when you know that a month later you’re going to need another one? Not to mention, the cost savings per unit can be substantial. Aero Auto parts has everything you need from new parts to junk car salvage. We will even pay cash for your auto salvage.

How Much Will A Salvage Yard Pay For A Car?

Aero Auto Parts is a junk car salvage yard that will pay you to come and pick up your junk cars. Don’t let your salvage car sit in your backyard. Earn some extra money to have Aero Auto Parts come pick it up. Not only does Aero offer cash for salvage, but they also sell junk cars to people who need affordable parts.

What Is An Auto Salvage Yard?

Did you know that you can save time and money by buying your junk cars and auto parts in bulk from Aero Auto Parts?

And what greater way to buy in bulk than with a full parts car? Get everything your sedan needs, from doors to a replacement radiator, and save twice. Once for getting it all in the same parts car, and the second time for visiting Aero Auto Parts and finding the lowest prices in Chicago for auto parts.

The concept of buying a parts car is fairly simple, even if you’ve never done it before. All you’re doing is purchasing a car that may or may not run for the express purpose of using it for salvage auto parts. For example, maybe your car is missing multiple parts and you find a salvage car that has those parts; that would be a great opportunity to get all the salvage parts you need to fix your car.

Alternatively, you might have more than one car that’s in need of replacement parts. In this case, harvesting a car for the components that your cars require is a simple way to get everything you need with just one, simple purchase.

Finished With Your Parts Car? All-in-One at Aero Auto Parts

Once you’ve harvested your junk car parts for whatever components you need, you’re not going to want that hunk of metal to be taking up valuable real estate in front of your home or in your garage. And that’s exactly why, in addition to providing the parts cars themselves, we pick up what’s left of the parts car with our junk car salvage pickup services. Salvage your auto parts for cash and leave the rest to us.

Our same-day pickup ensures that you can get the remaining salvage car parts off your property and focus on driving your newly restored car. Or, if you haven’t had enough time working on your car, you can always fill in the freshly vacated spot in your driveway with a full project car.

Chicago Junk Cars

Best prices in Chicago for all junk cars:

  • Parts cars: every car component you need with just one purchase.
  • Project cars: restore one of our many project cars to its former glory with your own hands.

Chicago Used Car Parts

Call Aero Auto Parts today at 773-483-2626 or come down to 6339 S. Wentworth Ave and check out our selection of used auto parts, all at the best prices you’ll find in Chicago. We serve the following areas: Chicago, Oak Lawn, Bolingbrook, Naperville, Orland Park, Evanston, Downers Grove.