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Since 1958, Aero Auto Parts has supplied Chicagoland with quality new and used auto parts and excellent customer service. Come to Aero Auto Parts for replacement parts, DIY project parts, and repairs parts.

Do you need a blower motor for your car and don’t want to pay the high prices of a mechanic?

If you’re planning on doing your own car repairs, come down to Aero Auto Parts Chicago and check out our full selection of used and rebuilt auto parts and find exactly what you need for only a fraction of the cost.

Advantages of Buying Used Auto Parts

There are pros and cons of both new and used auto parts. The used option is particularly appealing because of its affordability. Although it may take a little work to find the part you’re looking for in good condition, but it can be well worth the hassle. You can go to a junkyard and look for a part, but when you do so remember there are no guarantees. At Aero Auto Parts our trained professionals do the selecting for you, a task they’ve done for decades. If you’re in Chicago, and you’re looking to save money and get a used auto part, feel free to reach out to us. We can make it happen!

The Right Used Auto Parts and Accessories for Any Car

Our technicians have years of experience evaluating used auto parts and accessories. Chicago is a big city with a lot of cars. No matter what make or model your vehicle is, we have worked on something similar. Our mechanics can take a look at your vehicle and help you find the right parts for a fraction of the cost.

Antique Auto Parts Chicago

Every once in a while, a customer brings in an antique vehicle. Although most places would turn those cars away, we can help you find auto parts for even antique vehicles. We love cars and know there are others out there with a similar passion. Whether you’re in the process of restoring your antique vehicle or you simply have a fondness for collecting, Aero Auto Parts can assist you in acquiring any parts you may need.

Used auto parts in Chicago for all makes and models

Find the car parts you need for only a fraction of the cost. Call Aero Auto Parts today at 773-483-2626 to check our current stock of used auto parts for all makes and models, foreign and domestic.