What to Do If Your Car Breaks Down

Posted on October 30th, 2018 by Frank

Nothing is worse than your car breaking down, especially in the freezing cold winter. If you happen upon these unfortunate circumstances, here are a few things to remember before buying new Chicago auto parts.

1. Pull Over
As soon as you feel that your car isn’t functioning properly, pull off onto the should of the highway or the side of the street as quickly and safely as possible. Remember to signal and try to find a level place to park your car.

2. Figure Out Where You Are
Did you just pass a major exit? Did you notice any landmarks like gas stations, shopping centers, or numbered signs? This will be helpful information when you call for assistance.

3. Evaluate the Situation
Determine as much as you can about the condition of your car. Note any unusual noises, faulty-seeming responses, smoke or steam, and dashboard warnings. Remember to be cautious during this step.

4. Make Yourself Seen
You’ll want to alert other drivers of your position by making your vehicle visible, especially at night or in bad weather. Turn on your emergency flashers, use any flares you have in your car, and open your hood. Watch carefully for oncoming traffic!

5. Call for Help
This includes 911, roadside assistance, and family members. Explain your situation and where you’re located. Emergency services will advise you on what to do next. Once you’re home safe, you can begin searching for Chicago auto parts to repair your car.